Friday, May 24, 2013

Ritz Grand Cayman Stair Climb

I was fortunate enough to be awarded an all expense paid trip to the Ritz Grand Cayman for my performance at work....I know tough life. It was an incredible trip. Of course I needed to feed my stair climbing desires while there so the Ritz became the place.

Until September of 2012 the Ritz at 7 stories in height was tied as the tallest building on the island. In early 2012 the country permitted the buildings to go from a maximum of 7 levels to 10 levels. This was an important change for developers on the expensive water front of seven mile beach to now have more places to rent or sell.

While not the tallest it is still a great climb if you choose the south east tower that can be accessed from the beach. There are three unique aspects of this climb:

1) The stairwell has large beautiful windows looking out to the beach and beautiful blue ocean.

2) The first four floors you run straight up without having to turn.

3) Once tired from a few laps from top to bottom you can exit the door, take off your shoes and dive into the crystal clear ocean water to cool down with the manta rays. Or just take a swim in the pool and have them bring you a Cayman Dog by the pool:)

Grand Cayman is a very flat island other than a few of these resorts on 7 mile beach. If a hurricane hit I can't imagine the island would slow it down much. When I reached the top floor it was great to look out the windows and see almost the whole island.

If you are ever in Grand Cayman make sure you take some time work workout on the stairs at the Ritz. Great experience and I can't wait to go back some day!

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