Monday, September 23, 2013

Tallest Building in Virginia Stair Run

The Westin Hotel and Luxury residence in Virginia Beach Virginia is the tallest building in the state of Virginia. On September 22 2013 I run up the stairs from the sidewalk outside to the door to the roof entrance.

I was in Raleigh North Carolina for two weeks of sales training with Saturday and Sunday free. After mapping out the tallest buildings in the neighboring states I decided this Westin would be the best option. It was a beautiful 3 1/2 hour drive to get to Virginia Beach. I am not familiar with this part of the country but was impressed to see all of the Navy ships in Norfolk Virginia. I have never seen so many aircraft carriers or security cameras lining the highway.

Once I arrived at the Westin hotel I was not that overwhelmed by the size of the building at 38 stories. When there is not an official race at a building it can be difficult to get into the stairwell for some of the bank buildings. I figured this hotel wouldn't be a problem on the weekend. After dinner I decided to change into my workout gear and make the run. I started on the lobby floor and thought it was interesting to have a glass door just off the valet area as the entrance for stairwell 1.

I set my timer and began to climb. Each level of steps were very short with only 8 steps. Since I always skip a step it was an easy 4 steps then I was twisting around to the next set of stairs. I used the rail to pull myself up and make the turn easier so my time was moving at a good pace....until I reached the 15th floor and was stopped in my tracks by a metal door.

Turns out the hotel stops on the 15th floor and the luxury residences begin on the 16th. The security door opens from the residence side but not from the hotel side. So much for a nice easy climb. I exited the 15th floor, took the elevator down and entered the lobby for the luxury residences.

It is always a strange conversation to talk to someone about my goal to run up the tallest building in each state and that I need their help to get me in the stairwell. This security guard was nice and kind of laughed about it. He told me there was a race there over the past two years but the residents of the building were not happy to have it there so they are not allowing it to continue.

After a good discussion he decided to take me to the Penthouse level. I entered a large room on the top floor with a great view of the city. Funny thing is I never could see the beach in any direction even from the top of the building.

He let me into the stairwell on the Penthouse level and told me I could do whatever I needed to do but to just exit into the hotel when I was finished. I thanked him then began my journey down to the 16th floor to where I was stuck earlier.

This was not my typical run straight up the building but this would work. I restarted the timer and finished my run up to the roof door in the stairwell.

In all it took me 5 minutes 6 seconds, that time is not a straight run up so it would have been a little longer if it was all at once. I took a break at the top then started my climb back down to the security gate.

I exited the gate then entered the 15th floor where my hotel room was waiting for a nice rest after the up and down climb. Mission accomplished. This is my 5th state I can now pass off my list...I'm 10% done!

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