Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tallest Building in Guam

The Guam Westin hotel in Tumon Guam at 21 stories tall is the tallest building on the island of Guam. I am not counting US territories to my goal of running the tallest building in each US state, but I was in Guam for work and of course I can’t pass up the opportunity to run the stairs of the tallest building in Guam. There is another building down the street that is 30 stories but it has been under construction for years and is not open yet.
30 story building under construction
The trip to Guam is very long coming from Utah. I flew to Los Angeles, then Tokyo, after a 12 hour layover finished with a 5 hour flight to Guam. 16 hour time change does some strange things to your mind and body. I had to work all day starting 8 hours after arriving so my mind was in a fog for the first couple of days.

The meetings I attended were in the Westin but I was staying in the Hilton down the street. One night I woke up at 3:00 am and there was nothing I could do to get myself to fall back asleep. I jumped in the car and drove over to the Westin arriving around 3:30 am. The place was quiet with the only person I saw being a security guard. The first 3 floors start on the beach level and are open stairwells overlooking the restaurants. Then I found the stairwell next to the elevator and made my way up to the top only taking a few minutes.
View from the top floor of the Westin Guam
I exited the top floor and took the glass elevator back down to the lobby level and went back to the Hilton. Strange thing to do at 3:30 am I know, but in my defense it was 11:30 AM the previous day back in Utah.
3:30 AM selfie from top of the stairwell of the tallest building in Guam

Looking back on my pictures from the trip I am amazed at the beauty of this beach in Tumon Guam. I have been there two times this year and have yet to even touch the ocean water. 
Beautiful Stairwell off the beach near the Westin on Gun Beach
Appears to be the shortest stairwell on Guam

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