Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tallest Building in Delaware Stair Run

Chase Manhattan Centre, Wilmington Delaware. Tallest building in Delaware
Only thing the comes to mind when I think of Delaware is from Wayne’s World when they show a picture of Delaware and say “Hi….were in Delaware.” Turns out it is an interesting state that I would love to spend more time in someday.

I flew into Baltimore Maryland for meetings this week in DC. I rented a car and had the night free to attempt to run some stairs. I have now run the stairs of the tallest building in 13 states making Delaware my 14th which was my goal for the year!

Unfortunately it took a bit longer to get my rental car and fight traffic in Baltimore than I had planned. I arrived in Wilmington Delaware at 6:30 pm and getting access to buildings in the evening can be difficult. I found a parking garage under the building that had a sign saying “Garage closes at 7:00 pm.” This didn’t give me much time to make my way in but I figured the parking garage underneath would be easier to gain access to the stairwell than walking in the front lobby.
4th level stairwell under ground parking
After parking at the Chase Manhattan Centre I quickly found a stairwell in the garage. This stairwell started on the 4 floor lowest level of the garage so I figured this would be a great place to start the run. As I hit the main floor of the building the stairwell exited directly into the lobby next to the elevators. I looked to my right and saw a couple of security guards manning the front information desk and didn’t want to have to deal with explaining myself, nor did I have time to get proper approvals. The last thing I needed was to have my car stuck in the garage overnight when I needed to get to DC that evening.
View coming out of the main stairwell looking toward the garage stairwell
With my adrenaline flowing I quickly surveyed the area and saw a door directly across from the one I just exited next to the other elevator. When I opened the door it was the main stairwell leading up, bingo! The first couple of floors went different ways with a hallway I had to run down but I finally reached the main stairwell leading me up to the top of the building. 
Selfie from the top floor of the stairwell. #14 completed!
The 23 floors were not that challenging to get up. I worked my way back down and it is always so suprising to me how tough it is on my legs to go down.

I walked out the main stairwell door, passed security then entered the garage stairwell and was out of the building at 6:47 pm. One of the quickest buildings I have run. 

I hit the road to DC and enjoyed a great week of work. It feels great to get 14 states off my list.
Chase Manhattan Centre, Wilmington Delaware

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